Ways to Get Involved

Ways to get involved

Here are a few ideas and suggestions of how you can get involved in YOUR community!  

  1. Download the OTOK Toolkit here
  2. Learn more about the Trauma-Informed Resilient Communities Grant (a byproduct of the OTOK project)
  3. Get involved with LiveWell Northwest Kansas (long standing non-profit advocacy organization providing preventative educational services, opportunities, and initiatives to make lasting change towards optimal health)
  4. Familiarize yourself with Northwest Kansas Educational Service Center (serves 19 unified school districts serving more than 7500 students and 900 teachers through extensive educational programs, including special education, adult education, Parents and Teachers, and English language support services, and more)
  5. Connect with us on Facebook
  6. Check out Progeny (a youth/adult partnership focused on reimagining the juvenile justice system and reinvestment into community-based alternatives in Kansas); consider starting up a similar organization in your local community
  7. Subscribe to the OTOK YouTube channel
  8. Volunteer with a local youth group like Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, FFA, Big Brothers Big Sisters
  9. See if your community has a YMCA and volunteer to lead a community program
  10. Explore whether your community needs additional tutors and mentors in their schools or after-school programs
  11. Serve at a nearby food bank; if your community does not have one, consider starting small with a "little free pantry" (learn more at LittleFreePantry.org)
  12. Check in with your local churches, mosques, and synagogues to see how you can get involved
  13. Volunteer with your local library; if you don't have one, consider starting small with a "little free library" (learn more at LittleFreeLibrary.org)
  14. Look for LBGTQIA+ organizations in your area; if there are none, there are many friendly communities online (i.e. TrevorSpace.org)